Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a guaranteed weight loss program?

The weight loss program has worked for many and will work for you too depending on following simple guidance. Assured wt loss of 2 to 5 kgs per month, after first 15 days.If less Wt loss in the program chosen, we would extend the wt loss program with Arya free of charge.Those who want Guarantee , Please approach a Baba or faqir. Qualified doctors do not give guarantees. Please click on any question below to see answer to the question.

What sort of food , one is supposed to eat? does one have to diet?

We advocate normal eating with lots of choices and as per quantity which satisfies your hunger. One has to maintain certain time gaps between meals, so that your blood sugar levels are regulated and there is no hypoglycemia or spikes in the blood sugar levels. Printed user guide will come with the product. We allow sweets, fast food too.! Once you have made your food plan , Doctor and his team will personally check your made food plan and advise minor changes. Arya Herbs and Spices+ approved food plan will give best results. Eating anything anytime does not cause wt loss. One needs to eat any quantity of food ,which you will inform on set timings.After you get satisfactory results, place order for new Arya herbs and spices ,well in advance, so gap does not occur.

Can we stop consuming "Arya" once we reach our desired weight? If, we do so will we gain weight like it happens with other weight loss efforts?

You consume the Arya Herbs and Spice along with minor changes in food choices and with full meals as per instructions. No need for calorie deficit,etc. Once you have achieved your target weight loss, You discontinue the Arya, however you continue to eat normally. Some people may need Arya for maintenance of lost weight.The dose would be 1 sachet per day or less.

Does one get zero figure with your technique of weight loss?

NO, we do not advocate or aim for zero figure. The weight loss will be gradual and in a healthy manner and it will stop losing at certain weight. After that the weight will be maintained and there will be no further unhealthy looks or weight loss.

Is it safe product, does it have any side effects? I am unmarried, will it cause hormonal changes and cause any problems in pregnancy after marriage?

Its 100% Safe Herbs and spice product. Absolutely no side effects. Yeah, one thing is there ,that one has to spend for a new clothes!!! Arya is manufactured with licences from Govt agencies and does not have any secret or harmful ingredients.Does not cause any loose motions or loss of appetite. Weight loss program will not affect in any way planned pregnancies or any post marriage issues.
Contents-Arya Herbs and Spices- 2 g net wt-60 pouches, Qty 2 box. Contents- Saffron,Coriander,Fenugreek, Capsicum, Bay leaf,Cumin seeds,Turmeric, Black Pepper,Salt, Asafoetida, Star Anise, Cinnamomum, Cloves,Bishops seed,Rice.

Is it necessary to personally meet the Doctor?

Absolutely no need to meet the doctor. Doctor cannot be everywhere! The instructions are so simple that it is DO IT YOURSELF! In any case you need some clarifications you can mail to Taking Approval for your food plan is a must for best results.

I have hormonal problems and/or PCOD, Thyroid Problem, will this work for me?

Hormonal Problems do not cause weight gain, rather one gets hormonal problems/PCOD due to increased weight. This Weight loss program will work for all including those having hormonal problems. PCOD will reduce with reduced weight. Hypothyroid problem, if taking medicines as doc had advised, poses no problem for weight loss.

Why is Arya Herbs and Spices, not available in any shops and one has to place order only Online?

Arya is not a weight loss medicine, so just consuming Arya will not get any weight loss.User needs proper guidance and that can be given, only if you are connected with us. Thats why Arya is available only online, as we would like to connect with every person who enrols in our program.

I need to reduce only around my tummy and hips, and don’t want reduction in other areas, is that possible? After Pregnancy my stomach region has become very loose.

Yes, Spice formula along with normal eating pattern targets fats of problem areas. If more fats is accumulated on Stomach and/or hips, they will reduce faster. Point to note that pregnancy causes loose abdominal Muscles, which will need abdominal exercises to tone up muscles along with weight loss program, as program can cause fat loss but cannot tone up muscles.

When will i see a visible difference after following the user guide and taking approval?

You will feel lighter, more energetic and fresher along with noticeable difference in fat areas. Pants will loosen up, blouses will be less tighter fittings!Time factor will differ from person to person,depending on how long the person had fat deposits.You should see a difference after 15 days time.

I am not concerned about my looks, what would be the health benefits?

The health benefits of losing weight are enormous. Diabetics will have better sugar control with lesser drugs, Abnormal cholesterol and lipid profile will become normal and there would be less pain on joints due to decreased load factor.

Is the “Arya” Vegetarian?

100% Vegetarian with NO garlic or onions, suitable for Jain’s, too.

My father is now 65 years old and suffering from high BP and had a coronary angioplasty done, is this safe for him?

Weight loss program is safe for everyone, be that 15 yrs old to 80 year old. Only not advised for Pregnant ladies.Safe for lactating mothers and their child.

I have tried dieting,high protein diets, exercises and have purchased many machines and had joined many weight loss centers. I lost few kgs and regained back in no time. How will this weight loss program work for me?Is the User guide difficult to follow? Will there be usual advice of exercises and salads, etc?

Its very simple and easy way to lose weight and explained by user guide, You have to keep certain gaps between meals, Choose normal options for eating (roti , subzi,rice,bread,noodles,pasta, daal, non veg if liked, etc) in the qty that satisfies your hunger .You have to make a food plan according to user guide,and send for approval. Your other attempts to lose weight were dependent on Calorie principal and hence you regained back all weight, as one cannot do dieting life long. Dr. Vinay Jadhav’s weight loss program is unique and does not follow calorie model and has different theory of weight loss, hence its simple, easy and with long lasting results.

Does Arya contain any Medicine or steriods?

Arya is 100% natural spice and herbs combinition. There is no medicines or ayurveda or any steroids. For your information-Steroids are used as life saving drugs and as an anti inflammatory and is a very important drug in medical practice. Overusage of steroids will cause weight gain rather than weight loss. Steroids has never been advised by anyone in this world for weight loss. Arya production is being done with licence form Govt and is registered as a food, and not as a drug.

I want to Order , but do not want anyone to know that I am on Weight loss treatment.

Arya Boxes is packed in plain brown paper with no markings to reveal what is inside. So you can receive that without anyone knowing ,what you ordered.

What are the contents of Arya Herbs and Spices?

Arya Herbs and Spices- 2 g net wt-60 pouches, Qty 1 box.for one month. Contents- Coriander,Fenugreek, Capsicum, Bay leaf,Cumin seeds,Turmeric, Black Pepper,Salt, Asafoetida, Star Anise, Cinnamomum, Cloves,Bishops seen,Rice.

How to Consume Arya Herbs and Spices?

Along with a approved food plan, one can consume Arya with food (while preparing or sprinkled on veg) or have that with cold water or buttermilk after any two meals. daily dose 2 sachets per day. Tastes like chat masala.

Can i get pregnant during the wt loss course?

Arya being a food product is 100% safe, so you can be on wt loss program till first 3 months of Pregnancy. However as foetal growth starts increasing from 4th month onwards, do not attempt to lose weight later in pregnancy.