Can Exercise Cause Weight Loss?

When Dr. Vinay Jadhav himself exercised for a long duration, despite of knowing the general ratio of calories lost Vs the actual requirement for weight loss, he decided to support the facts learned through his meticulous studies on diet now based on personal experience.

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Should Calories be considered important for Weight Loss?

With a large research experience in weight management and obesity, Dr Vinay Jadhav has tried constantly to make people aware that managing your weight is not as hard as it seems. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, weight loss is not something hard to achieve.

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How to lose weight - The Weight Loss Diets?

It is evident that weight has a lot to do with your social standing, especially when you apply for a job, try to find a life partner or even join a new college for that matter. Dr Vinay Jadhav has some very useful insights on the topic and it has helped realize that most of the things that we know about diets and exercise regimes are misconceptions.

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Is Hypothyroidism an obstructive factor for weight loss?

Over the years, researchers have found many reasons warranting to unwanted weight gain and difficulty in weight loss. Is one of these hypothyroid? According to Dr Vinay Jadhav for people with hypothyroid the how to lose weight concern needs to be addressed properly. Hypothyroid is commonly blamed for excess weight and problems with weight loss.

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