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Dr.Vinay Jadhav was personally suffering from Obesity.He tried dieting and gym exercises, which left him weak and developed Knee joint pain. He tried all machines -laser and ultrasonic lipolysis, which caused inch loss for just 2 days. This prompted him to to do a deep study of Human Physiology and Nutrition and he developed new insights in weight management. He just asked one question- Why thin are thin despite eating so much? No one could answer this question and hence doctor found the answer himself.

He has developed a unique technique for weight management based on his own experience of losing weight, applying Medical Physiology knowledge to Nutritional knowledge. See pics below.Personal consultations are not required as his way of Weight management does not have any drugs or medicines. Doctor recommends an normal eating pattern with no role of calories and recommends Herbs and Spice for easy weight management along with food plan which do not consider calories.

Dr.Vinay Jadhav has extensive experience of now 25 years after his MD qualification and has worked as Prof and Head of Radiology dept in various medical colleges. He was faculty guest Speaker at National conference of All India association for advancing Research in Obesity, held at Pune in year2013 and guided many national and international expert doctors on Obesity management.

Dr.Vinay Jadhav is associated with us a fitness and weight loss counselor. Dr. GV Shinde MD (Ayurveda) has joined in our fitness center as an additional counselor.

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Word wide Research Articles to Support Our Wt loss System-

1)Case of Missing Calories.

2) Perspectives: do alcohol calories count?

3)Alcohol Intake and Body Weight-A Paradox

4)Beneficial effects of exercise: shifting the focus from body weight to other markers of health

5) When energy balance is maintained, exercise does not induce negative fat balance in lean sedentary, obese sedentary, or lean endurance-trained individuals

6) See the insights of what being presently believed for obesity is totally wrong and illogical.

7) Gain Weight by "going diet?''




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